Designed to meet the need for converting an unbalanced instrument
input, or high impedance signal, into a balanced low impedance
signal that is capable of being run long distances without loss of
fidelity, the F-direct-1 ably fulfills the demands of today's sound
engineers and musicians in a user friendly, yet economical package.

Features include: a sturdy 20 gauge steel case constructed in a
handy rectangular design with rubber pads for stability and protection
when stacked; a durable finish with hi-visibility lettering (best in low
light situations); a Ground Lift switch on the output side to eliminate
ground loop noise, and a Speaker/Instrument attenuation switch on
the input side. All connections from the parallel in/out  jacks to the
XLR male output are high quality all-metal connectors.

Stereo / Duel Direct Box with 2 Inputs and 2 Outputs Save time a space with this “Duel” Direct Box – Use as a stereo unit or two separate instruments at the same time.

(2) ¼ Inch Unbalanced Inputs 
(2) XLR Balanced Low Z Outputs 
(2) Link Outputs 
(2) Ground Lifts   Frequency response: 10 Hz-30kHz (INST) 10Hz-20kHz (SPKR)
Item #: FDIRECT1-S

Active Direct Box with 9 Volt or Phantom Power ¼ Inch Unbalanced & XLR Unbalanced Inputs XLR Balanced Output Link Output Ground Lift Db PAD Frequency response: 10 Hz-40kHz Item #: FDIRECT1-AC

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All MyStarSound Direct Boxes are covered by a five year warranty.

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Four Star Wire and Cable

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