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Built to our own exacting specifications, we are truly excited to offer the new
FxFlex Pro Audio and Lighting cable, a product that is far more flexible and
durable than any other Socapex lighting cable currently on the market. Our
FxFlex is a super flexible 19 conductor, 12 gauge cable, capable of handling
the AC current requirements of today's lighting systems, and can also work
beautifully handling hi-current audio for onstage applications, such as
multi-channel monitoring. Available in custom lengths, with your choice of
connectors on either fan end, simply contact your Four Star Wire/
MyStarSound representative to let us build the perfect assembly for your
own special application.


For the best results from your onstage DMX lighting system,
we offer our MyStarSound series of PlexFlex DMX cables for unmatched
flexibility and durability in lighting control. Offering superior performance over
the sometimes used XLR equipped microphone cable, our PlexFlex cables
will upgrade the lighting rigs operation noticeably. Available in 3 pin, 5 pin
and even 4 pin versions, with Neutrik connectors and tough PVC jacketed
wire, these cable assemblies are hand-built in our facility, and are available in
standard lengths from 5 to 100 feet, as well as custom lengths to suit your
individual needs. Always use the right tool for the job, and with MyStarSound
PlexFlex DMX cables in your lighting rig, you can rest assured that you and
the audience will be getting the Max in performance!

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